About Insiders Dunedin

Hey we're really excited about Dunedin! Since you are here we are guessing you are too.

Dunedin is full of hidden gems, wee alley ways, new shops, bars, restaurants and recreational activities. There always seems to be a cultural event on or something happening. Insiders Dunedin is the platform to source all the best tips and things to do to make your life or visit in Dunedin a little more special. 

If we take a step back Dunedin is in a pretty exciting place right now. There is an energy in the city and community that is infectious. Insiders Dunedin has been built and is maintained by a bunch of Dunedinites who are proud to call this place 'Home'. 

We know Dunedin is known for its Scarfies, the Dunedin Sound and its gothic sensibilities,  but we're here to dig a little deeper and expose the hidden gems that we often take for granted in our daily lives, because these are the things that make Dunedin…. well Dunedin. 

We're not about blowing our trumpet down here, forget about the hyperboles and cut to the specifics. Not that Dunedin has great coffee, but who's making that long black and where can we get it. 

Insiders Dunedin was started to explore what is happening in our city and how it relates to those of us who live here. Insiders Dunedin content is community driven, 'by the people for the people' of Dunedin. 

We do our best to keep you up to speed with what's going on around town and to cover, analyse and comment on it with insightful and honest writing, quality photography and present it in clean and modern design. 

There's no textbook to follow here, put simply we're writing about what we like. We think that is important. If you read it on Insiders Dunedin you can trust that we honestly believe it, not because someone has slipped us a stack of Rutherfords to have it put there. 

We've worked hard to build a team of people whose opinions and insiders knowledge is valuable. We love Dunedin and want everyone to know about it. Make sure you drop by here regularly as there's always something going on. If you think we ought to know about something, let us know.  Keep in touch and we'll probably run into you down the street.