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Last Friday I got to discover for the very first time the true magnitude of the Forsyth Barr stadium! I’ve been to the stadium many many times since it was built in 2011 but when you are blind going to a place doesn’t always result in getting to know it. I’ve been blind for long enough now to know that having a proper job done on getting to know a place means having an instructor from the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind take me there and go through every door, every entrance, every step, every manhole, everything that will give clues as to where everything is in relation to everything else! Sound confusing? Well it is. It takes time, patience and practise and that’s not just from me, but the instructors at the Foundation of the Blind too! Crikey; give those people a medal! Their patience and dedication to helping people be the best blind people they can be is truly outstanding and just to give you a glimpse of what I am talking about here’s the details of the gates and stand details for the Forsyth Barr Stadium as I understand it to be after my visit last week.

This layout has also been checked over by the very helpful Whitney at Dunedin Venues who I asked to cast her eye over! I’m about to do the interior of the stadium also as well as get a tactile map done for both the interior and exterior of the stadium!        

Until then this is what I discovered:

Gates a – j

Stands – north, south, east and west!

Gate A is on the corner and gives access to the South stand – the Speights stand  

Gate B accesses the west stand – the Mitre 10 Mega stand

(more commonly known as the zoo and home to the students when the Highlanders are playing)

Gate C (on the corner) – accesses both the west and the north stand

Gate D is the artillery gate – the main one accessing the middle of the north stand (with the Highlander’s world wide headquarters on the left)

The North stand is sponsored by Ticket Direct

Gate E is on the corner where you can access the north stand or the east stand

The East stand is the stage and is sponsored by the Otago Daily Times

Gate F is on the corner and accesses the east stand

G is the service gate/entrance

H is on the corner and accesses  the South stand

The South stand is sponsored by Speights

The next entrance along is I which appears to be an out only gate

J is further up and allows access to Dunedin Venues and the hospitality boxes and corporate rooms and runs underneath the south stand 

If you keep going to the end of the south stand, past J, you reach Gate A on the corner

Hey – that’s pretty cool! And when my husband Ron and I went to Paul Simon on Saturday night I was all fired up, armed with my new knowledge ready to do battle with the entrance ways! Alas my uncle kindly allowed us to park at his workplace (palmers Quarry) where we simply walked across to gate d and into the north stand! No chance to show off my new knowledge! It was all too easy! Boo hoo! And if you haven’t heard – Paul Simon was simply the best! Or is that Tina Turner? Ha! The only thing the evening was missing was my winter jacket! Brrrr Dunedin!

Take a closer look at the Dunedin Stadium here!                            

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