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Just when you think you know this city and its coastline you discover something that completely blows you away. We were introduced to one of these gems last week thanks to the inimitable Allan Anderson from Karitane Charters.

We found ourselves paddling out from Karitane as the sun came up – a pretty amazing experience in itself. As we paddled into deep water our tiny fleet of three kayaks were dwarfed by this amazing sheet of glassy water that we were sliding through. There wasn't a breath of wind at all. Birds flew by our heads whistling as they went and Buller's albatross circled before skiing in to settle near us hoping we were fishermen they could pillage.

Allan grew up on this coastline and used to explore it in all manner of watercraft as a kid. A mad keen surfer in his younger days, Allan is the ultimate waterman and his life revolves around tides and weather systems. He runs a fishing business, kayak tours and charters out of Karitane.

As we paddled north around massive sandstone cliffs, he led us toward the coast and through an unlikely gap in the reef. Waves chased us into a long narrow cave that stretched deep under the cliffs. Right at the back we found a calm little beach and jumped out to explore the stalactites hanging from the roof and the odd sculptures formed in the limestone. We could see Allan's eyes light up as he told us of spooky moments searching the caves and how special these caves were to have on his doorstep.

"It's special to be able to visit these today," he explains. "The swell and weather cancel about 80% of our trips."

This part of our coastline truly is a hidden treasure and perhaps its inaccessibility has also ensured its protection.

Waves all week this week with a little pulse on the North Coast around Friday.

See you at the beach!

       – Derek




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