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March 19, 2013: Happiness

We think we may have discovered the secret to happiness this week. Have a close look at the faces of the people featured in this week's report. Do you see it? It looks something like this: sunshine, some sort of surf craft, a glassy sea state and a light-hearted attitude to life. Voila, the world is yours.

Okay, so around mid-week the waves were pretty small and not exactly purposeful when it came to arriving at the beach, but that made for really fun, easy conditions for everyone. Out on the point we had local artists Justin Summerton, Simon Kaan and Chris Idour trading wave after glassy wave.

On the beach local architect Will Lewis was teaching his partner Sofie Jacobs to surf (and she nailed it). The best for us was when we met travellers Matous and Karla suiting up in the carpark at St Clair about to head out for their first surf ever. Three hours later we returned to see Karla ride a wave all the way to the beach. She told us it was the fourth such wave she had caught in her very first surf.

If you have been thinking about learning to surf then get a board and a wetsuit and get out there (ask for Dunedin Light subscriber specials at Watercooled Sports this week). Fast track the whole learn-to-surf experience with the help of Evie and Jason at the Esplanade Surf School.

With the Fringe Festival in full swing we decided to shoot a preview of the Mayim Dance troupe this week at St Kilda Beach. The girls gave us a sneak glimpse at what's in store for their Breathing Cold Air performance this Friday and Saturday night. It's dynamic, surreal and contemporary, and it will make you think.

We have a little pulse of north swell around the north coast today and tomorrow then a small south swell cleaning up for Thursday. High moving over at the end of the week while a giant low deep in the southern ocean should bear fruit next week.

See you at the beach!

       – Derek


Wednesday, 8:34pm: Mayim Dance girls preparing for Breathing Cold Air at Fringe


Thursday, 11:43am: Matous and Karla learning to surf at St Clair Beach


Thursday, 11:37am: The always styling, ever-smiling Jessie Anderson has fun on a mal


Thursday, 2:15pm: Graham Carse with a freshly finished gun for Jimi Crooks


Thursday, 11:07am: Artist Simon Kaan having a laugh at the point ...


Thursday, 11:46am: Local architect Will Lewis and Sofie Jacobs enjoy a day off


Thursday, 11:17am: Artist Justin Summerton making the most of the glassy conditions


Wednesday, 7:54am: Sunbursts over the bays

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