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Sunday, 8:20pm: Steampunk meets The FireBugs – some of the Fringe Festival's finest

March 12, 2013: Firing

We have been spoilt this past week. Ground swell after ground swell rising from playful to testing and back again. There have been plenty of surfers getting their fill. St Clair Point and the beach have at times looked like a zoo as everyone scrambles to make the most of the daylight hours.

We enjoyed shooting this week – watching some glassy dawn sessions with that golden light of autumn turning the sea to honey. We also got to witness one of those punchy ground swells peak at St Kilda on Thursday evening. St Clair was packed, but at St Kilda about seven surfers took turns riding the fast, chunky sets that were thrown at them. Among them were Jamie Civil, Damian Phillips, Jimi Crooks and Luke Grubb ... these lads nudge a whole new level in powerful waves like that – a real treat to watch.

To round out our week we caught up with The FireBugs and the crew from Mr Faust and Dr Jabberwocky: A steampunk fire-fable at St Kilda Beach. This Fringe Festival feature combines lots of flames with the devil, a seductive succubus, seven deadly sins and the steampunkest gasworks museum in the world. They're staging four shows this week ... click the links above for all the details. You don't want to miss this one.

The Dunedin Fringe Festival is an edgy collection of events designed to share innovative contemporary art within the city. It has become a showcase of the talents of independent and emerging artists from throughout New Zealand so make sure you get a front-row seat to at least one of the many gigs taking place.

This week coming we have plenty more swell around and if you thought last weekend was fun, then brace yourself for this weekend. Five days out, it looks all-time.

See you at the beach!

       – Derek

PS: The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is looking at opening up areas of the coastline (including parts of the Otago Peninsula coastline) to commercial fishing. They are seeking feedback from interested parties. More here.


Thursday, 7:05pm: Jamie Civil on the wave of the day at solid St Kilda ... look at that wall


Wednesday, 7:33am: Lyndon stretching before work right in front of his house 


Thursday, 7:29pm: Frothy hook for Luke Grubb


Tuesday, 8:09pm: The tranquil rockpool at St Clair Point ...


Thursday, 6:47pm: Not a bad rock to live on ...


Tuesday, 8:02pm: Just floating by at the Point ...


Thursday, 7:07pm: This wave was probably bigger than it appears here ...


Thursday, 8:15pm: Left or right? Take your pick.

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