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Saturday, 8:15am: Sunrise over the peak above Cape Saunders [DL-1XGUVFJ]

May 28, 2013: Ocean vs man

It looks like the ocean has finally recaptured its beloved esplanade at St Clair. On Sunday night a large hole opened up beneath a chair in front of the surf club and within hours the chair was engulfed by the pit.

In all fairness it is just the ocean fighting back after the council took a few liberties when constructing the current esplanade wall, reclaiming a lot of land along the shoreline, in the process. The thing is the power of the ocean is relentless – the solid vertical wall was never going to be any match for its energy over time.

On the less destructo side, the exceptionally high tides turn the esplanade into a pretty amazing attraction with the big bursts of whitewater drenching a lot of kids, dogs, mums, dads and tourists in the process.

Until the holes are repaired beach access is limited, but keep an eye out for sand banks further down the beach that have been delivering some interesting waves on the right tides.

A wintery blast today and then some impressive swell building with favourable winds on Thursday in the forecast. Get amongst it.

See you at the beach ...

       – Derek

PS: Our friends at the Royal Albatross Centre have updated us on the status of the 26 chicks in the colony. These amazing birds are all weighing over 7kg now and very active, showing off their wings while their parents work hard to feed the big fluff balls. Winter hours are from 10:30am to 3:15pm, with tours on the hour from 11am.


Sunday, 3:45pm: Spectators watch the sea wall cop a pounding [DL-GKR84ST]



Friday, 9:57am: Europe-bound triathlete Tamsyn Hayes in training at Second Beach [DL-1JSJ15D]



Saturday, 7:34am: Couple of Phantom bunch riders get the jump on Highcliff Rd [DL-0BSJW62]



Friday, 10:07am: Fun solo session for this guy [DL-1TLP25H]



Sunday, 4:33pm: South Pacific Ocean reclaims the beachfront  [DL-HA8UVZB]



Saturday, 7:56am: Lines rolling into a remote beach on the peninsula [DL-0WX9LZU]



Thursday, 8:19am: Golden glow over the harbour [DL-FU7LUTP]

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