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Saturday, 11:04pm: Shapeshifter taking the roof off the Dunedin Town Hall 

Yeah, we all realise Dunedin is a city that knows how to party, but did you know that last week we set a world record for partying? Yep, thanks to the Illuminate crew, we packed 4171 people into the East Slab of the Forsyth Barr Stadium, entranced them with some amazing beats and tunes (courtesy of DJ Faith) and then proceeded to pour tonnes of paint into the mix. Guinness World Records official Chris Sheedy then did a quick head count, clasped his hands together and announced the record had been broken. He was duly squirted with paint as the party hit overdrive. Awesome.

A few days later the Dunedin Town Hall opened its doors to Shapeshifter. These guys have been around forever and like a fine wine, they just keep getting better and better. The venue was a fitting one as tiers of revellers bounced and swayed to their latest collection of musical brilliance. If you haven't already checked them out you can buy their new album Delta here(but have a listen first and play with their website's cool graphics).

Been lots of chilly waves around to wash the paint out from behind your eyeballs. This coming week we should see a light norwest wind clean up that big souwest swell then shifting to a noreaster by Friday.

Rock on ...

       – Derek

PS: Don't miss Dive Otago's Finathon this Sunday at Moana Pool. Gather some mates and get involved to help stop this grisly practice. More details here.


Wednesday, 9:35pm: 4171 people partying like it's a paint world record (oh, it was)  


Thursday, 5:49pm: Reflections at Blackhead Beach  


Saturday, 9:48pm: Shapeshifter and a packed crowd in the Dunedin Town Hall  


Friday, 12:14pm: Cutback with a dishwash-gloved hand drag 


Friday, 7:06am: Starry skies before dawn  


Wednesday, 9:08pm: DJ Faith and Hannah rocking out some world record-worthy tunes 

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