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“Do you want to do the Peninsula Challenge on Mother’s Day?” my sister asked me!

“Why not!”  mumbled out of my mouth.

So we headed down to Okia Reserve on the Dunedin Peninsula to undertake 8 km of unpredictable terrain that would rival nothing I had done before! The Peninsula Challenge is a walking, running, mountain biking 8 km, 16 km and 23 km event that takes place once a year on the magnificent Otago Peninsula and is run by the Peninsula Lions in conjunction with Athletics Otago and R & R Sport.

The weather was glorious, the event extremely well organised and the crowd enthusiastic. We set out at a ladylike 11 am along one of the first of the ten farms that had been opened up for this race, with my sister Amanda guiding me with our little piece of pink rope, narrowly avoiding obstacles along the way.

Here’s how my senses filled in what I couldn’t see:

Smell: cow dung; it reminded me of Momona airport!

Hear: “baa” from the  sheep and the “whoosh” of mountain bikes as they sped past us at an alarming rate!

Taste: the cool ginger beer I had at Nature’s wonder at the end of the event! 3 and a quarter hours to walk 8 km!

Touch: my feet which fell in mud holes, rabbit holes, over long grass with one foot securing the grass to the ground which acted as the perfect trip wire as I dragged my second foot through, the hills as they kept coming, the gravel, the mounds, the grass tufts, and the road as I tumbled towards it when one of my  feet slipped down the road side!

Apart from that it was fun! I now know why this race was held on Mother’s Day! It’s like going through child birth when you become a mother; once it’s over you forget what it was like and want to do it all over again!

Special thanks to Phillipa Connolly who supported Amanda and I on the walk.

Go R & R Sports, Athletics Otago, Peninsula Lions and Natures Wonders who put on a fabulous event and gave me a Mother’s Day to remember!

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