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The most reliable way for a blind woman to tell what the weather is doing is with her ears! Last Tuesday was no exception when I awoke to the sound of the silent snow. Well actually,  I awoke to the sound of my cell phone beeping as a text through from my friend and guide Jo told me “not walking. It’s snowing!” This of course brought great delight to me for only the night before I had had a bet with my teenage son that “if it’s snowing tomorrow you can buy me fish & chips for lunch!” That wasn’t the only reason I was happy; I didn’t have to brave the morning cold for my daily walk either.  I went to the bathroom in order to really check the snow out; that’s not where we keep our snow but it is home to a window I can open to check what the weather is up to. I can hear the howling wind from this window, or the pounding rain and yes, even the silence of snow. It’s so peaceful when it snows. No traffic noise to interrupt the ears, just the  quiet.

Here’s my diary for last Tuesday 28 May, 2013.

Smell: the waft of orange and date muffins baking as they permeated through the house!  

Hear: When I went to wake Sebastian for his paper run I said “Fish & chips for lunch!” He awoke quickly and said “Is it snowing?” “Yes” I replied. “Wicked!” he responded.

Taste: Yes those date and orange muffins. If you want the recipe email

Touch: the feel of the cold cold snow on my hands as I made my little snowman on the BBQ table on our back deck! I love getting out in the snow but three minutes is about long enough for me before I want to come inside and bake!

As for the fish & chips. My son reneged on our bet with a pitiful statement of “You wouldn’t want me to fall over when I went up to get your fish & chips Mum!” Wouldn’t I Sebastian???????

Thanks Dunedin for the opportunity to stop and take a breath! The best thing about the snow last Tuesday was that it disappeared as quickly as it arrived which helped the frustration levels of parents and teachers who are always the most enthusiastic to return to normal routine!

I love Dunedin in the snow!



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