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Saturday, 8:37am: Surf check success 

Winter in Dunedin is a juxtaposition of chilling temperatures and sunshine, seamless azure skies and wildly energised southerly fronts, stormy seas and lines and lines of beautiful, beautiful ground swell. This past week we had it all – soupy, cold surf on Monday, straightening up by Tuesday, airbrushed and warm on Wednesday, clean, small and crisp on Thursday, playful on Friday and stepping up again on Saturday. Yep, we are in the cycle of endless swell again.

One of the most common questions we get from Dunedin Light readers throughout the world is about the water temperature – especially through winter. Historically, the surface water temperature ranges from 8°C in winter up to 16°C. It's 10°C right now. Yep, that's pretty cold, but if you consider the wetsuit technology available these days, it's an insignificant barrier to the many perfect and often empty line-ups we have. Shooting through winter we often have to drive past perfect peaks just looking for someone to photograph.

As you read this we are making our way to Central Otago for some skiing and boarding. The snow season is absolutely cranking so we're going to get amongst this alpine wonderland – it's right on our doorstep so why not?

Our absence will guarantee great waves so enjoy (or sneak a day off work and shoot up to the mountains with us).

See you on the hill ...

       – Derek

PS: Did you know you can ski for free at Treble Cone? Learners and families can make the most of the free beginners lifts to try it out. 


Saturday, 8:46am: Winter rules ... 


Saturday, 8:52am: NHNZ sound and lighting guru Dan Wardrop out for a paddle  


Thursday, 8:26am: A little splash of pastel-infused lifestyle  


Saturday, 8:38am: Missed opportunity  


Saturday, 8:30am: Stall 


Saturday, 8:34am: Golden winter spray 


Saturday, 8:49am: Playful point 

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