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Thursday, 9:44am: The storm whips the ocean into a frothy frenzy [DL-OHVRITA]

June 25, 2013: Storm

Wow, who would have thought that storm would last five days and deliver zero snow to sea-level here in Dunedin? Meanwhile the rest of the South Island has more of it than they know what to do with. Blame the sea temperatures apparently. Too warm on the surface compared with the colder southerly airstream so the wind gathers water vapour and energy, which bashes into the hills around Dunedin, forcing it up and cooling it down rapidly as it gains altitude. This leads to precipitation, in the form of snow in this case, and dumps its load on the lee side of the hills. It's called lake-effect snow, or in our case ocean-effect snow.

That's why the city remained wet, but snowless, while a few km inland the farmers are struggling to find their sheep in waist and shoulder-deep snowfall. It also produced a pretty impressive swell albeit a tad on the wild side. Plenty of waves on the North Coast as the swell was big enough to wrap right around. 

You'd think that it was a great week to sit inside and sip hot chocolate around the fire, but it's pretty amazing to be out in the elements, too. We hiked up to Mt Cargill, only to be turned back by trees folded over the trail because of the weight of the snow.

Lots of surf this week in between the showers ... you know where to find it.

See you at the beach ...

       – Derek

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