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Thursday, 4:47pm: Heath Ratten casually hooks into wave of the day [DL-1SS4NAC]

June 04, 2013: Wave of the day

We love snow. A blanket as thick and persistent as last Tuesday's dump is just another reminder that we live in an incredible city and one where nature rules. Check out the shots below of the snowfall over the city – we hope you took a snow day and found some time to play.

Still on a high from the snow we stumbled into Thursday with one eye on the ocean and the norwester doing its best to clean it up into something rideable.

At 4:47pm we were rewarded when St Clair local and surf lifesaving guard Heath Ratten paddled into one of the biggest, cleanest sets of the day at St Kilda. He casually dropped into the pitching wave and skillfully dragged a hand as he drew a powerful turn off the bottom (see above). At this stage the wave was looking more like Pipeline, Hawaii. Heath didn't seem concerned and snuck a turn under the lip before boosting the end section. It wasn't just wave of the day – it was one of the best waves we've ever seen ridden at St Kilda. Legend.

Waves all week this week ... go get your wave of the day.

See you at the beach ...

       – Derek


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