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Tuesday, 11:06am: A wall of wonder [DL-WMMWAYI]

May 14, 2013: Wonder walls

The truth is the north coast hasn't broken a lot since the clock ticked over to 2013 and when it last did we were up in Nelson on our day job. So this week was a reminder for us that we have one of the most amazing surf beaches in the world right on our doorstep. 

If you ask travellers Luke and Gecko, all the way over from Geraldton, Western Australia, for a month-long surf trip in the South Island, then empty line-ups are just par for course. The lucky Aussies scored the Tuesday session in all its glory and had one peak all to themselves, while a handful of locals weaved down walls on another. Brilliant sunshine, glassy conditions and the solid swell translated into one of those autumn sessions you remember.

Our friendly low-key travellers must be wondering where the rest of the world is – waves of this quality and this accessibility in Australia are fought over by hungry wolf packs of surfers. Rarely would any surfer get a chance to share a pulsing peak with just one good mate. Let's hope it stays that way.

This week we shot the water images with our new 70-200mm port and we have to say that it makes capturing these images a lot easier than with the wide-angle lenses. We hope you like them, too.

South swell all week and favourable winds so indulge. We have a surprise for you next week.

See you at the beach ...

       – Derek


Tuesday, 11:01am: Artist Simon Kaan tickling this one [DL-H1GCSMD]


Tuesday, 12:17pm: Gecko (left) and Luke stoking on another empty session at Aramoana  [DL-JFVX8HF]


Tuesday, 11:14am: Gecko, all the way from WA and loving every second of it ... [DL-0BFC4MZ]


Thursday, 5:12pm: Weather change about to happen over the city [DL-0LSSJQC]


Tuesday, 10:52am: Simon grinning from ear-to-ear like always  [DL-GLLXRHI]


Tuesday, 11:27am: A pretty perfect barrel in high-key [DL-OEZKPWS]


Tuesday, 11:22am: Luke Barlow, of Geraldton, WA, just loving the wide open empty lineup [DL-OTO3I0R]


Saturday, 5:49pm: Tomahawk Lagoon turns on the charm [DL-0SMKRZD]

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