Photos by: Nick Rapley and Mark Clinton

Welcome to the South

by Insiders Dunedin

Dunedin is one of the hidden treasures of surfing in New Zealand. With unique landscapes on the Otago peninsula all the nooks and crannies offer protection against the harsh conditions of the southern ocean, and in return offer some of the best waves in New Zealand. A photographer from Sydney Australia discovered Dunedin after a photography trip to Wanaka in 2013. He decided he would plan a trip back to Dunedin to capture the great landscapes and waves.  Last week Mark Clinton the photographer mentioned above brought two top Australian surfers to Dunedin to photograph some surfing and landscapes around Dunedin and the lower South Island. The boys from Australia decided to get in contact with myself and JC Susan to show them around our extensive range of waves we have on offer here in Dunedin.

We ended up driving up and down the coast for the first couple of days and found some pretty fun uncrowded waves. We had crazy weather to deal with snow, hail and gale force winds for most of the trip. This was pretty foreign to the boys as they had barley seen snow before. At times it was hard to get motivated to put a soaking wet wetsuit on in freezing conditions but it was definitely worth it every time. Both Tylah Hutchinson and Riley Cadman surf incredibly good and Mark is a very talented photographer and produces incredible content. You can view some of his work here.

We ended up having an awesome week with a great group of guys. We scored sick waves, went to some pretty cool scenic locations and showed them some of the nightlife. The boys had a great time and were blown away by the waves, weather and scenery we get here in Dunedin.

Here are a few images from the trip. 

Submitted by Nick Rapley

View more of Nick's photos here: 


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