Top 5 Places to Walk your Dog

by Insiders Dunedin

For those of you who own dogs there is nothing quite like taking them on a great walk. The joy of getting outside and the fulfilment of seeing your dog cherish every moment. This ritual is carried out by many in Dunedin across various locations. But we wanted to know where people believe the best places are. So, we asked the Dunedin Community where the best places are to walk your dog around Dunedin. There was a great response and some good issues raised!

Taking the top spot was John Wilson Drive and the beach area surrounding it. 


This location was closely followed by what people voted as "Dog Parks". Dunedin is lucky to have a number of 'Dog Parks' created specifically as dog exercise areas! These places are great for dogs as they can be let off their leashes, but it is important to maintain control at all times. These designated parks are also equipped with places for people to take care of their dogs droppings. The designated 'Dog Parks' around the city are listed below:

  • Rotary Park, Highcliff Road, Waverley
  • Forrester Park - Norwood Street, Normanby
  • Cemetery Road - East Taieri
  • Shand Park - Green Island
  • Wakari Road - Wakari
  • Kew Park - Forbury Corner

Alongside these great locations other top places included Brighton. Specifically, people referred to Ocean View and the Nude Dog beach! Please be aware tho, according to the DCC dogs are restricted to remain outside the area within the bay from the Big Rock to the small cliff at the North end of the domain including the estuary and all of the beach within the confines of Brighton Road.


The other favourite location that people agreed on was Ross Creek. This is a great native bush trail that is relatively sheltered from the elements. The track can be accessed from Woodhaugh Gardens, Cannington Rd, Rockside Rd, Tanner St, Burma Rd or Malvern St.


There were many other locations mentioned by people but we had to choose the Top 5 that were mentioned. Please comment below if you feel other places have been missed off this list. More importantly, as dog owners we have to take responsibility for them! Please be sure to clean up after your dog as many people have suggested that owners are very lazy when it comes to picking up their droppings. Also, be sure to look at where you can and can't take your dogs according to the DCC.

Areas dogs are not allowed -

Areas dogs are allowed -

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