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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world. It's a great form of exercise and the perfect way to get up close and personal with the beautiful nature Dunedin has to offer.

This week I caught up with Craig Latta from Watercooled Sports. Craig is the chief instructor at Paddleboarding Dunedin and possesses a deep love for the ocean.

Paddleboard Dunedin is a year old, and it's the first and only professionally qualified and dedicated stand-up paddleboard school in Dunedin. Craig's a certified paddleboard instructor and provides lessons (with everything supplied) to all demographics interested in learning about the sport.

A typical lesson starts by teaching about the paddleboard, different paddling techniques, how to read the weather and generally keeping safe. Then, you get to hop on the board and enjoy the amazing landscape from a new perspective. I gathered the most important outcomes from the lesson is that you enjoy yourself, can comfortably paddle and you understand how to assess the weather and be aware of any dangers.

Craig is hoping he will inspire people to give paddleboarding a try and provide a safe hobby for life.  He is helping to build an informal paddleboarding club, 45 south, which is about bringing the paddleboard community together, keeping people safe and continuing to teach skills.

So, get out and enjoy the beautiful Otago harbour and our stunning beaches from the water, it's so accessible in Dunedin. What's more, paddle boarding is a dry water sport, you're always close to shore and it's a fun way to get fit - a great alternative to sitting on your couch!

If you're interested in a lesson, or just hiring a paddleboard, contact Craig Latta through Watercooled:

Craig Latta
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