Offtrack MTB Tours

by Insiders Dunedin

Offtrack MTB Tours was a great start to the week. Despite it being unfortunately wet and dire we were picked up and taken over to the Otago Peninsula by company owner Nick.

We arrived in Portobello and surprisingly the weather was dry with a low cloud.  We were kitted out with bikes and gear while being given a quick rundown on the basics of riding.  This was pretty handy for some of the group who didn’t really ride bikes at all.  The ride would be 15 kilometers and was easy enough that we could enjoy the landscape of the Peninsula.  Cycling along the waters edge gave opportunity to see various birds and views over to the mainland.  As we reached the top of the first hill we overlooked the calm Papanui Inlet and a cloud covered Mt Charles.  As we made our way down Nick would feed us numerous facts and information about what we were surrounded by. 

We carried on riding to the next inlet called Hooper’s Inlet and made our way to Allan’s Beach.  There we had a rest from the bikes and explored the beach trying to spot penguins or sea lions.  Excitedly we found a sea lion relaxing in the sand and took in the surrounding cliffs and ocean.

Cycling back along Hooper’s Inlet we were given the option of taking the climb up a road or a forest track.  A few of us took the forest track, steep and feeling never ending, it was worth the view at the top.  Behind us we looked onto the Peninsula and in front we could see Port Chalmers.  A quick and slightly bumpy descent and we were back in Portobello where I couldn’t help but notice everyone being delighted with the morning of exploring.

Post submitted by Johny Cook

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