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April 09, 2013: Season of colour

Wow. That temperature change was a pretty amazing one. Just when we thought summer was never going to end someone flicked the switch. Now daylight savings is over and we're back to fires at night (heat pumps for the lucky ones), southerly fronts lining us up when we least suspect it and the jandals are parked until next summer. 

The end of autumn also means the start of some solid groundswells ... as if we needed more ... has it stopped since January? I ran into a few surfers this past week who had turned their noses up at 2-3 foot waves out the front at St Clair because they were "a bit lumpy". It seems we have been spoilt by warm water and constant swell for way too long. Being surfed out is a nice feeling as long as the stoke doesn't completely wane.

We spent some time this week on the Otago Peninsula – what an amazing part of the city – it never ceases to amaze us. The colours of the season and the still surface of the ocean on these amazingly calm evenings and mornings made for some great images. It seems like the colour pallette gets supercharged with saturation at this time of the year. The twilights start to shorten, but the intensity soars.

I hope you were one of the lucky ones to get a taste of some north coast gems these past few days. Get your work done early this week, because you may be in for a case of the sniffles toward the end of the week as the wind swings back to the west and the south swell cleans up ... cough, cough...

See you at the beach...

       – Derek

PS Our mate Jeremy fixes surfboards so rip that duct tape off and get him to repair your boards before the next swell arrives (yep, he's fast). 


Tuesday, 7:36pm: See-through peak as the sun sets over St Kilda [DL-RHCOV1P]


Saturday, 7:27pm: The assistants well past their bed time  [DL-1U6FVMN]


Tuesday, 7:01pm: Great evening to fly a kite or ride a barrel [DL-HGNIHDZ]


Saturday, 7:57pm: A journey along Portobello Road  [DL-75GRYOI]


Tuesday, 7:38pm: Jamie Civil boosting at St Kilda [DL-0VUOQ9S]


Tuesday, 7:15pm: If Fonterra was an ocean ... [DL-0PEGUED]


Saturday, 7:15pm: A truffula tree above Otago Harbour [DL-I2I1P6Z]

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