Southern Belle

by Insiders Dunedin

Midday in the garden of good and evil, the sun lights this lovely marble angel. Her heavenly gaze alone is worth a visit to the fabulously shabby Southern Cemetery. Opened  in  1858,  in  the  area  then  known  as  'Little  Paisley,'  the  tumbledown  yet utterly  charming  Southern  Cemetery  is  leafy-­bowered  celebration  of  religious tolerance;  formerly  rancorous  Presbyterians,  Anglicans  and  Roman  Catholics sharing their eternal rest with Jewish settlers and Chinese from Guangdong –  and not  an  unkind  word  from  any  of  them.  Famous  inhabitants  include  some  of Dunedin's  most  generous  patrons:  Dorothy  Theomin  (whose  family  gifted  their home, Olveston, to the city), Bendix Hallenstein (bequeathed money and a mummy to the Otago Museum) and last but certainly not least, Captain William Cargill, who founded the settlement. Pack a picnic, sit beneath a century-­old oak and say thank you.

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