Monumental Chickens

by Insiders Dunedin

Dunedin  is  famous  for  its  birdlife,  however,  a  little-­known  flock  of  chickens  fly largely under the radar. Boisterous  and free, the very definition of free range, this pirate chook colony, made up of (amongst other breeds) New Hampshire Reds and Langshan  have  taken  over  the  car  park  at  the start  of  the  Port Chalmers  walking track  on  Purakanui  road.  Bring  an  offering  of  bread  and share  their  view  of  the harbour and the starkly beautiful Robert Falcon Scott memorial, a rusticated column built on an outcrop of rock, the anchor on top signifying hope and steadfastness. In 1910  the  Terra  Nova fueled  at  Port Chalmers  before setting  out for  the  pole  and when it was learned that the party had perished upon their return, the loss was felt keenly  in  the  province.  Unveiled  in  1914  on  the  eve  of  a  major  war,  the  cairn celebrates the adventurer's virtues of pluck and endurance, fortitude, and bravery in the face of certain death. The chickens are always pleased to see you.

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