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Dunedin is full of hidden retail gems, and they are not all restricted to the city CBD. I recently took a drive out to Waitati to visit the relatively new design store that you can't miss, as you drive along the main road entering or leaving the city from the north. 

Located right at the entrance of Waitati is a new design store set up by Alex and Hilary. The couple set up Roadside Attractions about twelve weeks ago to sell their handmade products in a location that is starting to see a new breath of life. Across the road, the Gallery has reopened, and the nursery and cafe have always been a popular destination to visit. 

The duo's new shop named after the famous book is dedicated to locally made goods, primarily using local, recycled, repurposed and New Zealand sourced materials. Both Alex and Hilary have a strong passion and drive to prove that you can sustain a living and lifestyle off the land and your skillsets. Alex is an artist, responsible for the graphics and screen printing in their work and Hilary and her background in the fashion industry, takes care of designing, grading and sewing most of their garments. They are passionate about living sustainably and carry that mindset into their business and their creations. Although, they do admit it can be hard and is always getting harder regarding materials, it is something they think is important.  

On entering the store, you are greeted with a warm plywood interior that is full of handmade goodness. Alex and Hillary's clothing brands 'Motel X', 'Hilary Rowley' and 'Joan 90' take the center stage accompanied by other incredible printed pieces, chutneys, and a bit of art. The handmade pieces on display are made all in-house, evident when looking through the open studio/shop layout. Inside, you get a great insight into the creative process, the machines and materials they use. Better yet, you can take a look at an old school wool knitting machine that has been accommodated to fit, during the new shops fit-out. 

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, I highly recommend a drive out to Waitati to check out the beautiful coast. Better yet, check out the new attractions popping up in the area such as Alex and Hilary's new store at 2 Harvey Street. 

The store is usually open from Wednesday to Sunday around 10 am to 5 pm and are sometimes open on public holidays. If you see the signs out feel free to pop in and say hi. If not feel free to give Alex a call on 0210449623 or text Hilary on 0210412975. 

You can also keep up to date with the store and their creative work on their Facebook page -



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