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Ghosts, you either believe that they do or don't exist. But, you can not ignore that many ghost stories are related to a horrific event that occurred in a certain location. 

I caught up with a man who knows all about Ghost stories, in particular, ones related to Dunedin. Andrew Smith aka the Hair Raiser runs HairRaiser Tours and Ghost Hairdressing at 110 Moray Place. After returning from his OE in the UK in 1999, he set both businesses up following his interest in the darker side of Dunedin. Running he salon is his daytime job where he cuts, styles and colours both men and women's hair. Then, in the evening he takes to the streets where he guides people on his famous walking ghost tours around Dunedin. 

Andrew had always been interested in Dunedin's hidden alleyways and locations that have horrific events attached to them. More importantly, he takes an interest in the ghost stories that people associate with them. Stories that he has collected over a number of years that he shares on his walking tours, as he guides you to such locations. 

Now I know many people are sceptics and to be honest I would have to say I fall into that category. But, although you may think the ghost stories might be a bit far-fetched, the information Andrew shares with you about the location and the real events that occur, are well worth taking the tour.  Andrew describes the tours as 'historic entertainment'. On the tour, you learn about the historic buildings, the horrific events that occurred and, of course, the related ghost stories. After taking the City tour myself, I will have to say that it will leave you with a different perspective on our city. Especially, regarding some locations and their attached history you never knew about. 

Throughout the tour, you get to visit some locations you would of never really noticed, or knew about. More importantly, you would never have known what has happened there until taking Andrew's tours. 

HairRaiser Tours operates a number of different tours that Andrew has been developing over the years. As Andrew digs deeper into Dunedin's underbelly, he keeps discovering more great knowledge that he will continue to share. Currently, you can take the following tours below:
- Crime Walk
- Dunedin Cemetery Tour
- Ghost Walk Tour
- Oamaru Tour
- Hair Raiser Harry Tour
- Sea Ghost Walk - Port Chalmers

If you are interested in learning about the darker side of Dunedin, I recommend getting in contact with Andrew at HairRaiser Tours. His tours are available seven days a week, you need to make a booking via the website. Better yet, if you are planning your next social event with friends or work, the tour or their murder mystery parties could be a great option. HairRaiser Tours caters for private tour bookings and for the past five years Andrew has been running his own scripted murder mystery parties at Carey's Bay Hotel. 

To book a tour or get a haircut visit HairRaiser Tours and Ghost Hairdressing at 110 Moray Place.

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