Port Chalmers’ Maritime Museum

by Insiders Dunedin

Ahoy there, Salty Sea Dogs!

Just twenty minutes out from the Octagon at the end of a scenic road lies one of the city’s most underrated destinations.  

Popping into Port’s Maritime Museum is definitely worth the drive and the gold coin donation. A truly old school Kiwi outfit, the curators are passionate about the collection and are so not bothered about the audience which is what I love about Dunedin culture. Do what you love and don’t worry if anyone else likes it! No greater recipe for success. 

Ships in bottles, an old fashioned dive suit and a foot long harmonica are only a few of the treasures housed in original 1877 stone post office building.  If this isn’t an excuse to let your kids dress up as pirates, I don’t know what is. So get your eye patches and fake beards out of the closet. The ship’s bunk room with dress up clothes is particularly good fun for the littles. 

Tucked at the back of the museum is a viewing platform of the Port itself. Logging trucks, shipping containers and huge cranes will keep any kid (and Dad) captivated.

Follow up this cultural exploration with some classy cheese rolls at The Port Royale Café served with generous, triangle chunks of butter and a rich flat white.  Wander up the high street.

Port Chalmers is a town of characters. Between Chicks Hotel, the road past the tunnel to Back Beach and the assortment of second-hand shops which yield no business hours, every trip out is a unique adventure never to be repeated. Port is a well-known safe haven for artists and alternative lifestylers who have rejected the big city smokes (ha ha) of Dunedin.

A short drive to a perfect family day out! 



Monday: 10am – 3pm
Tuesday: 10am – 3pm
Wednesday: 10am – 3pm
Thursday: 10am –3pm
Friday: 10am – 3pm
Saturday: 1 – 4pm
Sunday: 1 – 4pm

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