Otago Peninsula

by Insiders Dunedin

As soon as we were on the Otago Peninsula there was a sense of everything being slower paced.  Driving along we were drawn to the little bays of beauty occupied by local cafés, shops and wooden boathouses lining the water’s edge.

The Otago Peninsula is best known for its variety of wildlife.  Along Allan’s beach we were caught off guard by a sea lion that jumped onto some rocks and showed us its teeth, making it known that we were the visitors here.  A quick drive further north to Taiaroa Head and we started to notice a few seagulls, then gradually more and more.  Through the blanket of birds in the sky we then spotted a significantly larger bird, the Royal Albatross, soaring and then sweeping along the cliffs.

The coastal cliffs are impressive here, especially at Lovers Leap and the Chasm.  As we navigated our way along the edge we were welcomed by blue water crashing against the rocks and a particularly spectacular view onto Hooper’s Inlet, Mount Charles and Allan’s beach.  Beyond Hooper’s Inlet is Papanui Inlet, which is partially surrounded by hills but then opens out towards the Okia Flats.  Beyond that lies the pyramids and Victory beach, the peninsula’s longest beach.

The peninsula is a stark contrast to the inner city vibe, with its peaceful and relaxed environment being only a short drive away. It’s a stunning place to stay with the sunrise peering over the ocean and later the sunset colors blanketing the hills tops.

Post submitted by Johny Cook



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