Dunedin Street Art Trail

by Insiders Dunedin

Nestled between alleyways and showcased alongside historic buildings is the Dunedin Street Art Trail.  Armed with an art map of the area, we self-guided through the concrete maze and were blown away by works created by artists from all around the world.  While no two pieces are the same, they all compliment each other with none looking out of place.

Some pieces were partially hidden, revealing more and more of themselves on approach.  We could only fully appreciate the scale of these when we were standing beneath them.  Other works were more exposed and could be seen from afar.

The trail contains 25 + pieces, which despite being dotted around the city centre, felt like they were created with passion and consideration for the surroundings.  The trail can be done in any order you please but we started at the Octagon and slowly made our way out to the older parts of the city.  It was also great seeing other people wandering around with their maps and hearing how impressed they were with what has been done.

Because the trail took us through various parts of the city we came across charming cafes, restaurants and local shops, hidden away from the mainstream areas.  Many of these places are fortunate enough to have a giant piece of art on their building or just across the road.

The great thing we found is the detail and thought that went into the paintings.  Some were particularly big and colorful but still fitted well into the area, while others much smaller still proved to be exceptional.


Online street art trail maps here: http://goo.gl/LIxZxm

Post submitted by Johny Cook - www.johnycook.com

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