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Amy Nicolson is the manager of RUBY's Dunedin store, I caught up with her to find out what she enjoys most about living here and why she's not keen to leave...

Are you originally from Dunedin? If not where are you from?

Yes, I have lived in Dunedin for my entire 24 years! I really love the city and would find it hard to ever move out of town!

What do you enjoy most about living here?

I love Dunedin because it is such a safe wee city, where everyone is really friendly. I also love that you can get anywhere in town in 5 minutes, without waiting in traffic! Dunedin is such an arty city with a great fashion scene.

Where's your favourite place to eat and why?

My favourite café in Dunedin is Kiki Beware, just a couple of stores down from Ruby on George Street. They have a great menu; my favourite is the Beetroot Salad with barbecue pork. Their coffee is always fabulous and you can be assured great service from the lovely girls that work there.

Where's your favourite place to go for a drink and why?

I love going to Mac’s Brew Bar for an after work drink on Friday. It is in the centre of the Octagon, and it is always has a great atmosphere, due to its good music and popularity. They also have some great snack options, such as their platters, which are great to share with friends over a glass of wine.

Why do you think Dunedin has such a thriving fashion scene?

I think a big contributor to this is all the fantastic Dunedin designers, and the fantastic Fashion School at Otago Polytechnic. I studied Clothing and Textiles at Otago University, and the programme there is also really great. We have so many students and designers in Dunedin that live and breathe fashion.

Other than RUBY, where's your favourite place to shop in Dunedin?

When it comes to clothing, Ruby is my one stop shop! However I also love to buy make-up, and for this I go to the Mac counter at Arthur Barnett. I love their product, especially their lipsticks, and the girls that work there are so friendly and helpful!

What would you consider to be Dunedin's best kept secret? 

Carousel Lounge Bar. This trendy bar is located on Lower Stuart Street – but it is upstairs and off the street, so it misses some foot traffic, which is great when you feel like a mellow drink with friends. They serve delicious cocktails.

What's you favourite thing to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

Definitely St Clair, for a coffee at Starfish Café and then a walk along the beach.

If you could describe Dunedin in one word, what would it be? 



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