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This year I’ll be walking my 8th half Dunedin marathon and given that it’s under 2 months away I thought now was a good time to mention it!

Not long after I went blind I was asked “Do you want to go walking at the weekend Julie?” to which I replied “Why not!”

After walking around the block that day, I carried on with my “why not” response and the Master’s games 10 km before I ventured towards my first half marathon in 2001.

This year the Dunedin half marathon will be held on Sunday September 8 and last month I had a kick start reminder of the event when I attended a Women in Business networking meeting at the Shoe Clinic at 315 George Street. Turns out the owner Sorrelle Pearson had similar motivation to mine when she did her very first half marathon.

Sorrelle is a firm believer that you should never put things off, you never know what is around the corner. Sorrelle was diagnosed completely out of the blue 6 years ago with the neurological disease Myasthenia Gravis. It causes muscle weakness and at her lowest point she was being fed via nasal gastric tube. It has taken a number of years to get Sorrelle’s symptoms under control and last year she decided it was time to set some goals. Sorrelle  hadn’t been able to run and hadn’t done a half marathon for a very long time, so she picked the 2012 Moro Dunedin half marathon as her  “come back” half. She didn’t focus on time, it was about proving to herself that she  still had it in her! Within Sorrelle’s store she  deals with people on a daily basis who have their own story. Being able to help them achieve their own personal goals, no matter how big or small, gives her so much pleasure.

Sound like a really good reason to go and see her I reckon!

Here’s my sensory diary from that event:

Smell: definitely the savegnon blanc! Yum!

Hear: Sorrelle’s story; so inspiring

Taste: the sushi!

Touch: the hands of many Dunedin business women all together in one place! Did I say that I heard the sound of “chatter chatter” too?

Go Sorrelle Pearson at the Shoe Clinic.

Remember if you want to go and see Sorrelle about anything fitness shoe related then you’ll find her at 315 George Street, in between Anna S and the Huntsman, just north of the Hanover Street and George Street intersection!

Don’t forget she has Yaktrax for sale at $49.95 too!

Alternatively you can check the Shoe Clinic out at www.shoeclinic.co.nz

Sorelle at the Shoe Clinic


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