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With the increase in technology and the capabilities of many smartphones now available, nearly everyone carries a camera on them. Despite this, I think it would be safe to say that people tend not to print the photos they take. But, why? 

I caught up with founders Alex Dong and Tim Green of HappyMoose, who think they know why. Better yet, they think they have created a solution to buck this trend. 

Alex, a serial entrepreneur and developer, has had great success in the tech world. He had a company acquired by youtube and has previously run the largest photo blogging website in China. Tim, an industry professional with 9 years experience in photography and printing. Currently, running the Photo Gallery for the past 8 years.

The two were introduced to each other via Derek Morrison. Alex had this idea that revolved around the fact that we photograph all these moments, but they are kept and stored as data. They are precious, but you have no way of easily creating something tangible that can be kept forever. Data is something that can be easily destroyed or lost. Yet, we store some of our fondest memories on a hard disk drive as opposed to printing and sharing these with family and friends that can potentially last a lifetime. 

Historically, getting a photo developed was necessary in order to view an image captured on film. However, the introduction of digital photography has challenged this media and ever since its inception we have seen a steady decline in tangible images. Some might say that this digital world has enabled people to share photos easily, but a digital product does not have the same effect as something tangible you can touch and display. 

This poses the question as to why people are not printing images like they use to? 

With this in mind I think Alex had hit the nail on the head when he discussed with me that it was not convenient or easy to print images these days. We live in a world where time and convenience is everything. Visiting a store to print images is a task that requires time and can be quite difficult when you break the process down. First you have to visit the store, transfer the media from your device, crop or edit the photos to fit the print media, then choose what media you want to print on. However, this is not where it ends. Usually, you will be told that these will be ready in x amount of time. This then requires you to revisit the shop to collect the printed media. But, this still is not the end of the process. You then have to decide where you will hang and frame the photos or if you're sending it as a gift, you have to then package and courier it to that special someone. A process that is really inconvenient and time consuming!

HappyMoose makes printing photos from your iPhone convenient! The App Alex created creates a streamlined process  that makes this process extremely easy. Partnered with Tim, who processes the printing aspect makes for a great partnership. The App provides the tool and Tim processes and ships the product. 

The App essentially enables you to take photos from your iPhone, crop, edit and then select the print option. After selecting either a canvas, block or wall dot, you complete your order by selecting a delivery address. On completion, your photo is then printed onto your selected media and delivered to your selected delivery address, usually overnight. This whole process can be completed from anywhere without having to visit a store and can be completed in a matter of minutes. A vast improvement on the previous process described earlier. 

The App launched at the start of this month and it has been received well by the App community and initial customers. The first order being someone in California within a few minutes after the App showed up in the App Store. Despite international interest, both Alex and Tim said they will be focusing their efforts initially around Dunedin. They described Dunedin as a perfect testing ground for products such as theirs. From a product development perspective, you have a diverse market with a wide demographic. Not too mention the isolated nature of Dunedin to the world works in their favour. They are able to test the product without alarming the big players in the market by constantly being in the limelight that you might face in places like Silicon Valley. 

HappyMoose is a Dunedin company starting their journey. Although it is early days, the technology and systems they have created solve a genuine problem and I think they will do well. It provides convenience to a product that has seen a constant decline, as well as being extremely affordable. 

Not only has Alex and Tim created a great App, I think it is great to see individuals coming together in our city to collaborate on a business that could take on the world! I highly recommend checking out HappyMoose and if you're looking for the perfect gift this Christmas then, this might be the ticket. 

Visit the Apple app store and search 'HappyMoose' 

Visit the website - www.happymoose.nz 

Follow them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/happymoosenz

Drop into their office @ The Photo Gallery - 84 Filleul Steet

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