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Timely is a Dunedin based tech startup that have tackled the problem of creating a cloud based scheduling platform for small businesses. These guys have a wealth of knowledge in this area and were behind building BookIt. The booking engine that is now the software behind the travel division of Trademe, the largest e-commerce site in New Zealand. 

They are no strangers to this field and found there was a real problem being faced by the likes of clinics, salons, gyms, trades and so on. Their solution, build a simple, affordable and reliable scheduling solution for small businesses.

What they have created is nothing short of perfection! Their platform works on existing devices both desktop and mobile. It does not require any software to be installed, is easy to setup and provides the ability to really take control of your bookings. 

Their business is made of some super smart people who all work from different locations. In the video above he discuss their reliance on having a good internet connection and what it means to their daily operations. This emphasises the benefits businesses can gain by adopting the latest technology in the digital space.  

Timely is definitely one of those technologies that all small businesses should look at. Especially if you have some form of scheduling aspect. They can be found online at - http://www.gettimely.com/

Better yet, take advantage of their software and trial it for FREE!

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