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When you think 'day spa' there is a bit of confusion around what exactly it is. I'm sure many have different interpretations of why you would visit one and who should be visiting them. I was definitely unaware of what they really involved and what they offered. I even thought it was something only women indulge in, that it was not really a guy thing to do. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover what actually goes on and how good they actually are! 

We were lucky to catch up with Jess Luxton from Erban Spa, who refers to themselves as an 'oasis away from reality.' The name Erban Spa originated from a Thai herbal spa product 'Erb' that they imported from Thailand. Something they have incorporated to create the eastern / thai feel you experience on entering. 

The concept behind Erban Spa is based around the idea of having some time out and taking care of yourself. Jess outlined "A lot of people take their cars out for regular servicing and consider taking care of your body as an added extra, a bit of a treat. Erban Spa is all about the overall health and wellbeing of people that come in and come in regularly to look after themselves. "

What started out as a two person spa that specialised in massage has evolved into four treatment rooms, a dual treatment room and a relaxation lounge. A lounge that everyone who visits the spa can come utilise and enjoy a complimentary herbal tea to chill out with the door closed and pretend you are miles away from anything. 

Erban Spa cover it all! They cover everything from facials, beauty and makeup, body treatments and, of course, a variety of massages that they are renowned for. The list of massages they provide is pretty extensive. They cover everything from relaxation, deep tissue, organic, dual, hot rock, aromatherapy, foot and Indian massages. However, it is their unique / special services they provide that was interesting to find out about. If you are an expecting mother or have just welcomed a new one into this world, they offer a great 'mother to be' and 'post natal' packages. Perfect to unwind and recover after birth, or help relax before the big day. 

They even cater for those of us who think they are too busy to take time out of their schedule. Erban spa offers onsite business visits where they come to your workplace and complete their services onsite. A great compliment to any busy workplace where you can take time out without having to leave the office, or provide the ultimate work environment that looks after their staff. 

Skincare is another big aspect that Erban Spa take seriously. They have two lines of facials, one a cosmeceutical range called Environ that was developed by a South African plastic surgeon . The product is heavily focussed on feeding the skin with vitamin A that is very results driven. The other line the Antipodes Organic New Zealand range that is a big hit with the tourist market. These products are made mostly with New Zealand ingredients including kiwi seed and avocado oil. An oil that if you get a massage you will be introduced to as they use these oils in all of their massages.  

Erban Spa is also very proactive of making the most of the Roslyn area and supporting the businesses around them. They offer shared services with the cafe next door where you can get a massage with coffee and cake afterward. Another good example of this is their 'lay back and dine' service. This is where people can come in and enjoy a massage then afterwards walk down the road to have dinner at Luna. Both ideas focus on people thinking outside of the box when it comes to gifts. Instead of your classic gift of a tie or a pair of socks for your partner, treat them to an experience that will introduce them to the concept of a good deep tissue or relaxation massage.  

Jess has spent a lot of time overseas where she has hand picked the best elements from all of the day spas she visited along the way. This is very evident when you walk into the day spa and experience one of their services. 

As I said earlier, I was one of those skeptical types that did not really know what a 'day spa' was or think as a guy would ever go to. However, I would have to admit I was totally wrong. I was lucky enough to be able to give it a try and I do have to say it was a pleasant and relaxing experience. 

On entering, I was greeted by their great staff and taken to my own massage room. Here I walked into an incredibly comfortable environment that was warm, had very peaceful music playing in the background and some candles burning that really created the atmosphere. I was given all the privacy I needed whilst getting ready for my massage to start and getting into the massage bed was absolute bliss. The bed was already pre-heated and at that point I could have almost gone to sleep right there and then!  

I opted for a deep tissue option as I suffer from a rugby related neck injury and the massage did wonders. I have been to many sports massages over the years, but this was a bit different. I was in total relaxation and as I said earlier struggled to stay awake. But it was when they brought out the hot towels that I thought I was in heaven. If you have ever experienced how these feel then you will know what I mean. I can only recommend that you try Erban Spa as it will change your life forever. 

After my time was up I walked out of there totally revived feeling as tho I had just awoken from one of the best sleeps ever! It is something I would recommend to all. For all the guys out there that think it is not something guys do, I have to tell you that you are wrong. It was one of the best things I have done in a while to truly relax and unwind from the busy life I live. 

I could not say one bad thing about my experience at Erban Spa and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try. 

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