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My husband and I did a whistle stop tour around New Zealand 4 years ago (almost to the day). For me it was a chance to explore and find out more about the country and for Steve it was all about the rugby! He's the biggest sports fan I know. As soon as he read about Carisbrook Stadium hosting a game between the AB's and Wales our trip was a done-deal.

I was mid way through my studies to become a chiropractor and we were figuring out a plan for after graduation. I met some great chiropractors whilst we traveled New Zealand and the landscape was far superior to what I expected. The genuine interest that local people displayed in why we were in NZ was surprising.

The rugby game was at the end of our tour, there was a great atmosphere in the Octagon on the day of the match and the closing ceremony at Carisbrook is still a clear memory. During our walk back to our accommodation on the north end of George Street we passed a chiropractic and massage clinic - obviously it was closed but for some reason it stuck in my mind.

Two weeks after we returned home to Wales I came across a job advertisement for Warren Browne Chiropractic Clinic in was the same clinic! Warren and I emailed back and forth for nearly two years whilst I continued with my studies and built a good relationship and understanding of each others background and treatment techniques. 7 months before graduating he offered me a full time position at the clinic! That was it our future was sealed. We were moving to New Zealand! We got married, honeymooned and completed our studies in the 3 months that followed.

That was nearly two years ago. We flew two days after I graduated and I started work 10 days later and I haven't looked back! Warren has since relocated and Steve and I now own the clinic. Warren was a fantastic clinician and his wife Estelle was the most dedicated massage therapist who prided herself on providing attention to detail with every case and learning new techniques to help her patients. We have big boots to fill now that we have taken on the clinic and it is a real privilege to offer health care to the community of Dunedin.

Our focus at the clinic is to provide evidence-based manual therapy from birth to senior years. Every patient is treated with professional care and within a structured treatment plan. The care a patient may need could be as simple as being made aware of how their usual posture is creating dysfunction affecting the neck and spine to more complicated cases requiring further treatment. We have a fantastic team of practitioners that work closely together and rely on their training and experience to help patients to the very best of their ability.

I do feel that my role as a chiropractor goes beyond the treatment room. We never wanted to move to Dunedin and only socialize with other Welsh or British people, we didn't want to do what we had always done back home. We wanted to get to know our new community and provide a valuable and accessible service.

The first step we made towards this goal was to increase the availability of our services. We now have two full time chiropractors, physiotherapy and more massage appointments which is proving very popular.

The second step was to be available in the community to provide a service that was fun and friendly but also good for health! In the summer we started a free out door fitness session. The class is suitable for all fitness levels and we utilize some basic equipment with inventive ways to use your own body for a challenging one hour work out. We are based at North East Valley Normal School and teach at 9:30am every Saturday. The winter weather is proving a challenge but unless we have snow the class will continue. It's a great venue that has plenty of space for children to run around and play whilst the adults work out!

Our third step hasn't yet begun but what we intend to do before the end of the year is create a unique space in our adjoining clinic that can be used for small community events. We envisage collaborations with other local health care providers to create regular health awareness sessions for the community to attend. This we hope, will provide Dunedin with more access to understanding their healthcare needs from fitness to managing stress and pain conditions to better nutrition. Our community sessions will always be free of charge unless we are fundraising for a local charity.

Our passion is healthcare in the community and letting people know what we do and how we do it. We would love to hear back from our local community about what concerns or interests they have with their own/families health and well-being and what services they think they would utilize.

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