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Today we caught up with two past graduates of Otago University Matt Carrington and Karl Houltham. Both, studied together and graduated in 2008. Their field of study Physiotherapy and Physical Education. 

The duo spent a few years working for other private practices and pursuing their own sporting careers. After linking back up together to work at Consultancy House the two decided it was about time they went out and started their own practice together. 

Both share the same philosophy of what they wanted to create and what their focus would be. The two wanted to place a strong emphasis on 'return to play.' To really focus on good rehab and post-op rehab. More importantly, do things a little bit differently by wanting to change the experience. Historically, patients experience relatively short appointment times something Karl suggested "seems to be a bit of a treadmill." What Karl and Matt set out to change employing a patient centred focus, wanting to give patients longer appointments so they get more out of their visit. 

Starting any new business can be a daunting task. But, the way the Recovery Room started is a great display of businesses in Dunedin working collaboratively. The duo joined forces with Kinetic Health run by Dr. Casey Cameron. Buying into her vision to create a group of people practicing in town. Creating a collective including a chiropractor, physiotherapists, massage therapist, personal trainers and a naturopath. Dr. Cameron being the driving force behind the idea the duo saw a great opportunity to be a part of the group and saw an opportunity to be able to go out on their own. Not to mention, being very excited about the idea of the space they were in and what they could create together. 

The process has been a big learning curve for both Matt and Karl. However, they are pretty proud of what they have achieved to date and are still focussed on growing their business and getting their name out there. One of the big challenges they acknowledged. Raising the awareness of who they are and what they do. Furthermore, raising the profile of the collective they work within. 

If you are looking for physiotherapists at the top of their game then Matt and Karl definitely fit that description. Both have extensive experience in the industry. Matt was a professional rugby player who experienced first hand what is required in caring for top athletes. Likewise, Karl understands the needs of professional athletes. Currently, he has the assistant physiotherapist role for the Otago Highlanders. 

Although, both understand the world of professional sports and that it is everyone's dream to be working in the top tier of their industry they did not want to forget about the grass roots. The two have made a big effort to focus on youth athletes, identifying that their is a bit of a loss in service provision in that area. The hope being that they can help such athletes meet their true potential and educate them on the importance of caring for their health. Matt currently volunteers his time to look after the Otago Boys 1st XV. Whereas, Karl takes the time to look after the Kings 1st XV. 

Both Matt and Karl are very determined to make their business successful while staying true to what they have set out to achieve. The two are very passionate about Dunedin and are proud to call this place home. The support they have received to date has been great and they are pretty stoked to be part of the exchange end of towns revival. Something they believe is amazing for the city. To see old buildings being renovated and spaces being utilised well. 

The Recovery Room is open to everyone, not just athletes. They cater to anyone in need of rehabilitation or even better preventative treatments. If you are looking for a quality service where you the patient is the centre of attention then you should definitely pay Matt and Karl a visit. I assure you they will go the extra distance to make sure your health is put first and as mentioned earlier they will take the time to make sure your visit is worthwhile. 

Check out the Recovery Room online at Give them a call on (03) 474 0004 or email them at

Better yet, drop in and say hello at their recently renovated space on the ground floor, 205 Princes Street. Look for the new cafe 'The Fix' and enjoy a great coffee in the foyer while waiting for your appointment! 

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