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It has been a long time coming, but Gigatown is finally becoming a reality. As of today, access to the fastest ubiquitous broadband speeds in the Southern Hemisphere will be connected in Dunedin.  1 gigabit per second internet speeds will be available to those residents and businesses who have pre-ordered the service with their selected service provider. 

Gigabit services will be available to homes and businesses to access the new ultra-fast broadband network that Chorus is rolling out to areas of Dunedin city. If you are interested in accessing the fastest broadband speeds in the Southern Hemisphere MyRepublic, Orcon, Snap, Spark, The Total Team and Vodafone have all committed to providing 1Gbps retail plans. Alongside these broadband providers, there are a number of local resellers offering gigabit services, like Wic

Today the Digital Community Trust also announced it's Gigatown implementation plans for the coming 18 months. The first four Gigatown projects focus on:

1. Building the community,
2. Increasing gigabit connectivity,
3. Enhancing our education city,
4. Leveraging economic development opportunities.

Peter Hills, Chair of the Digital Community Trust says “Gigatown is not an overnight fix, we need to work hard to build a platform in Dunedin that leverages the gig, supports innovation and includes all aspects of our community.”

“The first initiative you’ll see is the opening of Gigatown HQ in April, a community hub for anything and everything related to Gigatown.  It will be a space to access gigabit internet, learn more about Gigatown, profile Dunedin’s Gigatown successes, host training workshops, and showcase new technology.”

The DCC has put a budget of $250k for implementing Gigatown into its draft annual plan, this will provide support for the Digital Community Trust to coordinate and lead the work that is needed.

As part of the prize Dunedin will receive a $500,000 Gigatown community fund provided by Chorus over a three-year period. It's purpose, to kick-start community-related developments that showcase how gigabit infrastructure and ultra-fast broadband can be activated for social good.

Chorus and Alcatel-Lucent’s ng Connect programme are also giving entrepreneurs and innovators across the country the chance to win up to $200,000 to develop and market a new service concept for Dunedin.

The Gig-Start Fund will attract the brightest of New Zealand’s talent to establish a presence in Dunedin, hopefully helping to boost job opportunities and stimulate social and economic growth in Dunedin.

If you are interested in the Gig-Start Fund initiative visit Entries are open until 12pm 29 May 2015, with finalists announced in June 2015. A 'Pitch Day' will be held for the finalists of the Gig-Start Fund that will provide the chance to showcase and pitch their ideas to the judging panel and the wider Gigatown community. Following this, a winner will be announced in July 2015.

The Digital Community Trust are setting up a series of advisory groups and other community engagement sessions where interested parties will be able to get involved in the implementation plans and have their say about the Trusts Gigatown plans. 

We have seen how well the Dunedin community banded together to win this competition for the city. Now it's time to see how the Dunedin community will make use of this great opportunity. If you are interested in finding out more information, or you want to get involved visit:

or you can contact Gigatown project manager, Josh Jenkins at



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