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Dunedin is full of talented creative and technical people. It is also home to some very forward thinking and innovative companies. One of those companies that have been turning heads with the products they develop is Aeroe

I caught up with Aeroe's founder and CEO, Pat Maguire to find out the background on his company and the products they have been working on. 

Aeroe is a Dunedin based design company that specialises in creating and commercialising new products and IP. The companies focus has been on the sports and leisure-time sectors, where they have been creating, developing and innovating new products. Prior to working on their latest product, Aeroe was responsible for developing the award-winning Freeload Bike Rack, acquired and currently being sold globally by the Sweden-based company, Thule

Recently, the company has been working on a new product that is the first of it's kind. The GolfPod, which Aeroe has been working hard to develop, will be the world's first hard-shell golf travel case and cart bag combo. The design Aeroe has been working on totally rethinks the traditional golf bag with huge benefits tailored especially for the traveling golfer. Such improvements include the case being compact, lightweight, durable, secure, waterproof, and highly maneuverable even for juniors, women and senior golfers. 

The GolfPod with it's hard-shell is virtually indestructible, water- proof, contains a TSA-approved lock system, holds 18 liters of equipment and accessories in accessible and easily visible compartments. The patent pending design enables a golfer to store 14 clubs, shoes, balls, tees, gloves, rain suit, water bottles, and more. More importantly, due to its size, GolfPod does not require being checked in as oversize luggage when traveling by plane. 

Pat Maguire mentioned, "With the GolfPod, there is no chance of damaged clubs, ripped material or soaking wet equipment and apparel during an airplane journey from check-in to baggage claim pick-up. Moreover, GolfPod does not require to be placed in an oversize baggage area at the airport nor is there any need to purchase specific insurance for one's clubs, saving time and money."

For those of you who travel a lot by car, the company has also developed a product called 'The Link'. This case accessory enables the GolfPod to be attached to the roof or tailgate of an automobile, a Golf Cart or Trundler without the need of straps or bungee cords. 

Pat also noted, "GolfPod was designed after three years of research and analysis of the golf bag and travel case markets. It was apparent to us there had been virtually no changes or advancements in these categories for many years. At Aeroe, we wanted to provide the golfer with a sensible, cost-effective approach to moving clubs and gear from the home to the airport, to the golf course, or just from the car to the golf course and in a few quick steps be on the tee box ready to hit the golf ball.”

This statement reiterates the key insights Aeroe found when researching the Golfing market that initiated the development process. It is very clear that they found a real problem that needed to be solved and the solution they have created is something I think will totally revolutionise and perhaps replace the traditional Golf bag. 

The Dunedin team of Pat, his son Mike who is the co-director and Campbell Booth the design Director, can be proud of the progress they have made to date, and it is evident that you can create world class products from a city such as Dunedin. Pat describes the city to be perfect for developing such products especially being surrounded and supported by organisations and companies such as JTech Plastics and the Otago Polytechnic Innovation Space who have assisted Aeroe to in create their current prototypes. 

It is an exciting time for Aeroe as they move into the production stage of the GolfPod. Currently, the company is seeking investment partners to move to the next stages of tooling, production and then distribution. 

Initially, the product will be distributed throughout the United States by ProActive Sports. The Portland-based company has been a market leader in the sports and leisure-time equipment and accessories since 1983. Pat also mentioned that they would expect to announce additional distributors in the coming months once tooling in completed and production commences.

The GolfPod will be available in a variety of colours, theme-oriented designs, and will even include the option to brand with the name of a club, organisation or individual embossed on the case. 

More recently, Pat returned from the BMW NZ Open held in Queenstown with great feedback and support for what they have created. After showcasing the product to golfers at the tournament, there has been great interest in the GolfPod and was a very positive step for the company moving into production. 

If you are a keen golfer or are interested in following a Dunedin company developing world recognised products, Aeroe is one to keep an eye on. The GolfPod is set to start being distributed toward the end of this year with Pat mentioning they want it to be available for the 2016 PGA Merchandising Show.

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