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After 20 years working corporate office jobs abroad, Paul and Karen returned to Dunedin and started Steamer Basin Brewery. Dunedin was a logical choice for them - it offered the time and space they needed for their new journey, and the beaches and city are so close.

After a short stint in Spelt Bakery, Paul turned to making beer.  What started in a small shed with a garden hose, no power and no hot water, is now, 15 months on, a boutique brewery focusing on small batch seasonal beers.

The pair has enjoyed marching to their own beat whilst learning on the job. They're constantly experimenting with new beers and have found feedback from local Dunedin customers an integral part in the process.

The Steam Basin philosophy is to keep it as local and natural as possible. They take their time and aim for balanced and elegant flavours that are easy to enjoy, and easy to share.

For those interested, Steam Basin brew using low-tech, traditional methods, with a small 50l Farra brew kit. They add yeast and sugar during bottling that causes a natural carbonation process (as opposed to forced carbonation used by larger breweries) - it's essentially made the same way as champagne, and produces smaller and softer bubbles.

Steamer Basin offers four year-round beers, with lighter seasonal beers in the summer, and darker seasonal beers in the winter. This summer they are brewing a Strawberry Blonde, Rhubarb Saison, Gooseberry Saison, Elderflower Saison. This season they’re experimenting with fruit from their own garden.

If you want to sample a drop of Steamer Basin your best bet is to head down to the Dunedin Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Alternatively, their beers are stocked at Pier 24.

This is one to keep an eye on Dunedin, who knows, you may even inspire their next beer!

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