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We met up for coffee with CloudCannon founders George and Mike to talk about their innovative cloud-based content management system, and their journey so far.

It’s a clever piece of software that’s gaining notability on a national and global scale, and attracting users such as Netflix. In a nutshell, CloudCannon makes building websites a breeze by bridging the gap between techies and non-techies.

What we love the most - it’s run out of a home office here in Dunedin.

Mike and George went to Bayfield High School, then studied Computer Science at the University of Otago. It was there that they first started work on a CMS (Content Management System), but after graduating they buried the original platform because it was too complex.

The pair believed there was a hole in the market so much that they quit their jobs and had another crack at a more refined version.

After releasing their initial version of CloudCannon, Mike and George managed to get a handful of customers using the platform. Then one day, CloudCannon was covered by TechCrunch, a popular tech blog, which gave them a big kick in numbers. 

Following the article they applied for, and were accepted into, Lightning Lab - a startup business accelerator. The experience helped them improve their product, refine their sales pitch, and develop key relationships around the globe.

They jumped at the opportunity to utilise Kiwi Landing Pad during this time. Experiencing Silicon Valley first hand helped them dream big, and ultimately lead to further innovation.

At the end of their three month stint with Lightning Lab, CloudCannon raised $650,000 from investors including Sam Morgan from TradeMe, Steven Tindle from K1W1 and the Holdsworth family.

Mike talks about how much of CloudCannon’s innovation has come out of their constraints. “When we started, we wanted a static website to hand off to a client. So we built a platform around that, with the basic idea that you shouldn’t have to learn anything to start using it.”

They’re innovating with their marketing approach as well. They’ve just hosted an online conference with a global audience tuning in to listen to industry leaders. This seven hour live streaming conference was all made possible by the GigCity UFB.

George and Mike realise there’s a mentality in Dunedin to talk down your work, but Dunedin is a friendly place and businesses are willing to help with aspiring entrepreneurs. Their advice, “if you’re doing something you believe in and realise it’s potential, then there is no better place to start up than in Dunedin”

Keep an eye on these young, confident and genuine lads who have one of the best products on the market.

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