Re Burger - Viva la Re:volution!

by Insiders Dunedin

“Man we got smashed today,” says Boris Reiber of Re:Burger (a man who likes alliteration), sprawled out on the grass of the museum reserve after a hectic lunch service on a summers day. Inside, Jano Swart is starting the clean-up. Hot outside? Imagine making burgers, fries and milkshakes in a metal box the size of a garden shed. “Its 40 degrees in there.”

Thinking inside the box, food trucks have come a long way, baby, since the days of the Pie Cart (FYI young persons, the Pie Cart was a stinky old bus converted into a chippie, parked down by the Oval in the 80s and staffed by the kind of people you see in documentaries about serial killers). Today food trucks are the mobile masters of menu marvels.

Inspired by the London street food scene, Boris bought the food truck a year ago, and did it up himself, a massive learning curve in space utilisation. At only 4 metres square (that’s room for forty cats or six grandmas, folded) it fits a ‘grunty’ Blue Seal grill, a deep fryer, 4 fridges, a milkshake machine, two men and “a really big extraction fan.” You’ve got to be a pretty good dancer to cook anything in such a small space – so Boris and Jano must have moves like Jagger, because they make anywhere from 60-100 burgers at a time. With fries and a shake.

Fast being rated best in town with their made-to-order beef patties, avocado mayo and fried jalapenos, be warned, Re:Burger burgers are HUMUNGOUS. Put your phone down, you’re going to need both hands, a bib, and a wee lie down after. The Re:negade for example, has double meat, double bacon, double cheese, onion rings, jalapenos lettuce and secret recipe Re:sauce. Another people’s favourite is the Famous Castle, a veritable tower of beef and cheese liking to attract a Viking sacking. Everything is cooked right in front of your peepers so you know it’s the freshest, crunchiest, most flavourist yummies. “There are other food trucks in Dunedin doing good stuff,” says Boris modestly, “I’m just trying to fit in.” To a very small space. Has he found his niche, I wonder? Enough with the jokes, I feel a food coma descending.

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