Slick Willys

by Insiders Dunedin

Slick Willys, a well-known retail store in Dunedin, has a long history. Originally down by Farmers on George Street, it moved in 2003 to the top story of Northern George St in the popular Edinburgh Way. It has since expanded to a two-storied destination offering more than ever and covering all ages. The team at Slicks are known for their amazing relationships with customers and regulars - going the extra mile to ensure they are looked after.

This fine retail establishment has been around for a long time and is continuing to get more popular, as word spreads throughout the country. Slicks is always up with the latest trends and offers more styles and brands every year.

More than just being a fashion powerhouse Slicks is always supporting their locals. Whether it's through the brands they sell or sponsoring charities and community sports teams Slicks gives back where they can. Amy is extremely accommodating and passionate about what she does and she knows the business better than most; young and hungry to grow her customer base. Amy and the Slicks brand are true assets to Dunedin. We are lucky to have such a strong local retail business.

Amy Henderson and her sister Sarah Hussey managed to buy legendary Dunedin fashion shop Slick Willys (established in 1983) some 13 years ago with little more than $2 to rub together. It was a big step for Amy who only ever applied for a job at the store because the careers advisor from her high school put the ad right under her nose.

“School wasn’t really my thing and my careers teacher thought I should apply. It was super random of her but I went for it anyway. After three terrifying interviews I finally landed the job.”

“Originally we used to do these challenges with the radio and once we had people stripping off in the window.  They would have to see how many layers of clothing they could put on within 30 seconds and they could keep whatever they managed to get into. It was pretty funny for the people walking past to see these lads or ladies in the nick!

Slick Willy’s originally owned by the late Michael Collins and his wife Jan, sold to Sarah and Amy in 2005, with 100% finance and little knowledge on how to run a successful business. It has been 13 years, countless staff, two marriages, three babies, two banks, a new addition of a downstairs store and a few stressful nights but they still love the place.

Amy’s current goal is to fully renovate the top level of the two-storied shop, she would like it to be a bit fancier, but still have the relaxed atmosphere that makes it a great place to shop. Upgrading the website is also on the cards.

“Dunedin’s a great town with really cool people. We have great, close connections with the locals who have become our favourite regular customers and friends; without them we would not have a business. Dunedin being a student town really helps with sales upstairs and we are generally really busy when University is running.”

When the store closed for the day Amy can be found at favourite eatery, The Esplanade - “the atmosphere is really lovely, you can see the beach, the staff are amazing and the food is always delicious!

in the mornings before work she can always be found at The Perc Cafe in Stuart Street, sipping on an Oat flat white and nibbling on the “try me” cakes at the front counter.

“I really like walking (I'm definitely known for being a walker around St Clair); I like to get up to the Pineapple Track, Ross Creek etc. with the pooches. I take my dogs to Trotters Gorge (drive north, you’ll find it). It’s a really amazing walk and so pretty.”


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