Brand New Awesome

by Insiders Dunedin

Big Brother is brewing for You. The fermented beverages division of the omnipresent New New New Corporation will take over your taste buds one boundary-breaking beverage at a time with their amazing range of beers for humans. Located in a prize-winningly redeveloped building dating from the 1870s at 218 Crawford street with its history written all over its face: graffitied beams, one lightly charred from a long-ago fire – through the arch of the old carriage way under which coach and four used to rumble you can see the sawtooth skyline of the city’s former industrial backside. Now Blade Runner bathrooms meet the neon-coloured robot love of the brewery’s Atari-esque pop art labels, everything overseen by the good luck cat, “our rep on this planet” says founder Ian McKinlay.

It’s been three years from concept to fermentation with state of the art facilities including New Zealand’s first mash filter equipped brewhouse allowing the creation of more adventurous beers: the result a range featuring the first 50% rye-to-malt ratio, a poppy seed ale with decadent flavours of caramel and fruit; Feifei couture, a feijoa saison full of fruit and prosecco bubbles, a smoked eel stout with a super undercurrent of New Zealand conger. And, for the very brave, Syndicate (on Nitro!) a whiskey blend stout romping home at 9%.

Frankly, this end of Dunedin had been looking woebegone, desperately in need of a new goldrush and happy to take a liquid one. With the acquisition of the old Southern Tavern, due to be converted into the Brewery’s packaging hall and a beer garden looking up at the Bell Tea factory on the hillside above, it will also feature four boutique hotel rooms allowing full immersion in the New New New-ness (a wee lie down probably a good idea after the Syndicate). The taproom open Friday nights, food trucks feeding the masses, the brewery pumps out 20,000 litres with a plan to double that and launch a new bar in Hong Kong next year, affirming the product into the international market. Old Meets New New New in the flavour of your future, Now Now Now.

Post submitted by Lisa Scott

Photos by Jackie Jubel

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