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Above: Friday, 7:03am: Horizon of gold beyond Otago Peninsula

April 30, 2013: Artists among us

It was pointed out to us recently that Dunedin is a treasure trove of artists. It is here that the late Ralph Hotere called home and it is here that he created some of his best works. Even today his legacy lives on in the myriad of young emerging artists scratching an existence into their canvases and channeling the creative energy of this city. And we have a handful of proven stars among them. 

What makes it such fertile ground for creative minds? Is it the contrast between the hum of city life and the clarity of wide open spaces? Is it the giant skies that twist into contortions of brooding menace as we have all seen this past week?

We know for sure that at least three of our most celebrated artists draw inspiration from the ocean. In fact, Justin Summerton, Simon Kaan and Jason Low have each previously graced this report with their skill in the surf. Each of them, when locked away in their studios pouring their imagination on to canvas, reflect something of this special corner of the world. The results find spaces on walls in homes throughout the world – each bringing a little of that Dunedin magic with it. That, my friends, is pretty amazing.

Also amazing is that giant low in the southern ocean. It's not going to be pretty, but there's going to be plenty of swell around this week. Play your cards right and you should be surfed out in time for R&R Sport's Ski Sale.

See you at the beach ...

       – Derek


Sunday, 11:26am: Paddling into the teeth at St Clair Beach


Sunday, 11:25am: Contortion over a set at Seconds


Saturday, 6:01pm: Larnach Castle looking like a fairytale


Sunday, 11:06am: Feathery ...


Friday, 7:17am: Dawn breaking over Otago Harbour


Sunday, 5:59pm: The ocean meets the sea wall at St Clair esplanade 


Sunday, 11:15am: The section that got away ...

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