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Dunedin based jeweller Jade Muirhead of Darkblack releases a new collection of jewellery annually, however for those that can’t wait to get their hands on one of her coveted pieces, she also custom makes items for galleries such as Moko and Quadrant, as well as for individuals.

“I really enjoy the custom pieces, as they are a challenge and I get to use my imagination and be a little more creative. People get a lot of joy out of having a special piece of jewellery only they have. Most of them have some special meaning to the customer, whether it's a new ring made from old family rings/jewellery or something to represent a special time to the individual.”

One of her most challenging and rewarding customers are men wanting a unique custom made engagement ring for their partners.

“ I usually sit down with a client and talk to them about what they want and the ideas they have. Then I sketch up some ideas and go from there. Sometimes it’s quite difficult, especially with engagement rings that are a surprise, as I am dealing with the partner. A lot of them just say "She loves your jewellery so I'm sure you'll make something she loves". Even though this makes it difficult, it is a lot of fun testing myself. I haven’t got it wrong yet (touch wood).”

Jade uses a variety of materials such as silver, gold, platinum, copper, brass, diamonds and gemstones; she is also happy to use any other materials a customer desires. A custom made item can take anywhere from two days to three weeks to complete depending on how intricate and complicated the piece is…but I’m sure no matter how long it takes a one-of-a-kind piece of Darkblack jewellery is worth the wait. 

Here is a recent photoshoot of an assortment of Darkblack jewellery.

Photography/Emily Hlavac-Green

Hair & Makeup/Krystle Anderson of Dream Hair and Beauty

Model/Grace Pennell

Clothing/Salisbury Boutique


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