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In the weekend I went into town for lunch wearing a new t-shirt and to my dismay saw two other woman wearing the exact same one. I must admit, I do find it quite embarrassing seeing other people wearing the same clothing as me, especially at the same time…I’m not sure why? I suppose it diminishes my sense of individuality a little. This is why clothing labels such as Dunedin-based ‘aunty’ are so great, because they only create one-off and limited edition pieces.

aunty was launched in late 2012 by aunty and niece Dallas Cunningham and Dallas Synnott-Chapman. Dallas Cunningham has been pattern making and designing clothing her entire career and was the co-owner of St Clair Design. Dallas Synott-Chapman’s background is varied, with her having previously worked in the television industry and as a producer in design agencies.

Each woman brings their own strengths and experience to the label with Dallas Cunningham doing a lot of the pattern-making and design and Dallas Syncott-Chapman designing the label's t-shirts, graphics and jewellery.

The pair decided to start the label for several reasons, including the fact they both wanted a new creative challenge, had worked well together in the past on other projects and that they felt thay had something new and exciting to offer to the Dunedin fashion scene.

 “We see handmade as the new luxury and not only are many of our garments one-offs, but some fabrics have been hand painted, bleached or even printed by hand (by Dallas SC).  Aunty has a real sense of fun, and is a bit like 'Luxe punk' meets 'sexy with an edge', while also having a very high quality finish. We love using interesting fabrics and our pieces are often one-offs, although occasionally, there could be two of something”

For those of you who appreciate the quality of hand-crafted clothing and the individuality of owning one-off garments, be certain to check out Aunty’s online store here.

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