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Mucking in, caring for six shepherding canines and two young children is all part of a days work for Central Otago based jewellery designer, Audie Wilkinson. Audie who is originally from Dunedin, moved with her young family to Cromwell five-and-a-half years ago, and more recently relocated to Mararoka (near Wanaka) to work on a high country station. 

Audie has been creating jewellery since the age of eight, selling her work to students at the University markets. At 19 she was spotted wearing one of her original designs by the owner of a stylish Dunedin boutique, it was then she realised she wanted to pursue a career in jewellery. Audie's label, 'Odi' is a harmonious mix of intricate art-work, hand-craft skill and assemblage of vintage recyclables, incorporating hand-painted leather, gold charms embedded in resin and framed micro-art canvasses in an assortment of pendants, earrings, rings, cuffs and hair accessories. Contemporary, yet classically stylish, Odi jewellery offers something to suit every taste. Audie’s latest collection is titled ‘Befallen’ and is based upon enhancing and modifying past designs.

“Some design ideas just pop up when I'm going over some supplies I've had for years in my jewellery supply box. I incorporate those into an idea I've had in the past or bettering one of my designs that’s already inplace in one of my sketch books.”

 Odi is available in Dunedin at Salisbury Boutique, for more info visit Obi here.

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