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There’s a little design store on Moray Place called Design Withdrawals that sell all sorts of lovely home-wares, I recently learnt they also create their own clothing label, Phizacklea.

Wendy Phizacklea is the self-taught designer behind the Phizacklea label and started creating clothing around nine years ago. Initially she made A-line skirts just for herself, however people were soon asking her to make items for them also.

“My hairdresser asked me to make a skirt for her and we began a contra deal, swapping hair-care for clothing, shortly after that a friend of hers also wanted one and it basically all started from there.”

Phizacklea is a label for women who appreciate attention to detail, with Wendy often creating one-of-a-kind items featuring interesting design components. Bold printed linings; faux cuffs, quirky buttons and lavish embellishments are just some of the unique details that can be found on her range of skirts, coats, shirts, dresses and pants.

Wherever possible Wendy uses natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton and linen and has more recently began having her own fabrics designed to ensure absolute exclusivity within her label.

“I mainly started getting my own fabrics printed because it can be disappointing when you see other labels using the same fabrics as you in their collections, this way that never happens. Eventually I would love to travel to Europe to buy fabrics”

Phizacklea is available through the Design Withdrawals Moray Place store (7 Moray Place) Palmerston store (114 Ronaldsay Road) and online here.

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