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It’s not very often a blind wife get’s to write about her husband’s behaviour in a blog but this week I’ve got permission!

My husband Ron Esplin is an artist who has art and travel in his blood.  Son of the talented and successful artist Tom Esplin, Ron’s father travelled extensively in his lifetime before he died in 2005. Inheriting his father’s talent for travel and painting the places he saw, Ron has recently opened an exhibition at the Green Island Gallery entitled “In the steps of my father.”

“I remember the slide evenings Dad used to put on when he came home from his travels”, said Ron. “Then he’d get into the studio and paint what he had seen, especially Europe.”

Ron’s extensive adventures have taken him all round the world too,  including having been one and a half times round the world on ship by the time he was 10 years of age. From Scottish fishing villages where Ron grew up, to the majestic limestone and granite buildings of Dunedin, where Ron ended up, these scenes are all featured in this exhibition.


This collection of water colours features over 40 works including Croatia, Paris, Egypt, Jordan, Yorkshire, China, Italy, the Greek Islands and let’s not forget Dunedin!; If Tom and Ron have been there then they have painted it!


At the launch on Saturday 15 June here’s what my senses saw:

Smell: until Ron got out the whisky it was definitely the sniff of adventure!

Hear: Ron’s story of how his mother and father travelled extensively, giving him the travel bug.

Taste: Tattie scones, foot shaped shortbread and rich Scottish truffles! (how do I know? Because I made them all!)

Touch: the little Greek church trinket we gave away as one of the prizes as part of the Greek game! 1st prize was a copy of Ron’s book which he has created as part of the exhibition “in the steps of my father”

If you want to see Ron’s exhibition you have until 14 July at the Green Island Gallery, 194 Main South Road, Green Island.

Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 11 am - 6 pm Saturday 11 am - 5 pm.

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