by Insiders Dunedin

Who: Isaac and Anya Sinclair
Where: Dunedin Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street, Dunedin
When: Opening event 5:30pm Friday 14th March.
Exhibition dates/hours: March 15 - 23, open 10am - 6pm daily.
How much: Free entry

Never&Forever, Dunedin Fringe Festival 2014.

Siblings Isaac and Anya Sinclair have collaborated to introduce Fragrance to Paint.

The Sinclairs grew up in Laingholm, in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges, surrounded by kauri forest, mangroves and the many inlets of the Manukau Harbour. This early romance with the natural world has affected both of them. Isaac's explorations of the world of scent (working as a perfumer in Europe and Brasil), have sought to recreate the lush bush and sea smells of his youth. Anya's painting practice draws on exotic backdrops as places in which to escape.

Never&Forever conjures up the sense of inheritence that is felt by both artists. The visual and olfactory are obvious, but it also addresses a sense of loss, through the tyranny of distance, drawing on fleeting reconnections that are immediately vivid but soon dissipate into memory. The painting installation, like these emotional transactions, is both temporary and permanent. Eventually it will be buried under another layer of wall paint, making it invisible to the eye, but it will remain forever in the very fabric of the gallery.

Painting and perfume can both be seen as status symbols for the upwardly mobile, their aesthetic ambitions subservient to their exchange value. This work frees both artists from these commercial imperatives, and attempts to refocus the conversation to one directly between sight, scent and siblings.

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