Timothy Greenslade

by Insiders Dunedin

Name: Timothy Greenslade aka Greenslade
Occupation: Record Producer
Location: Dunedin, NZ

Can you describe the your sound?
Violins, 808s, pitch-shifted vocals & infectious grooves characterize my own sound.

When it comes to record production I'm always an advocate of trying new things but ultimately you need to do what's right for the music. The only rule I really set is to never make something that sounds like another artist or album. It always has to be unique.

Were you into music as a kid?
Yeah, my mother has always been a real music enthusiast & so I was brought up on the likes of Lou Reid, The Velvet Underground, Nick Drake & Led Zeppelin. At the age of eleven I took drum lessons & with that came exposure to a lot of varied styles of music. I was lucky to have been surrounded with music from such a young age.

How has growing up in Dunedin shaped you creatively?
Dunedin is a great city, it has culture, beautiful scenery & an incredibly diverse creative community. Everyone is so willing to help one-another out & as a result I've been able to work amongst a range of talented people who have largely expanded the ways in which I think.

Can you tell us about where you are currently at with Greenslade, what are some projects you’re working on?
Right now I've got 20+ tracks of my own sitting there waiting for me to put finishing touches on. I'm a real perfectionist when it comes to electronic music & that can be a total pain when it comes to setting deadlines. I try my best to work at it on a day-to-day basis but a lot of my time lately has been devoted to other artists.

I've been producing Ciaran McMeeken's debut record over the last while & it's sounding great. This one has been a real learning curve for the both of us & we've been faced with many challenges. Overall I've had ot of fun making it & not only that, Ciaran has brought me a packed lunch every session! What more could you ask for?

Second to that I'm working on a new Kahu album with Tristan Dingemans (HDU, Mountaineater). We've been hitting the studio once a week for the past month or so. Working with T is really fantastic, he's one of those guys that has the ability to truly channel his emotions into his playing & that's always a really incredible thing to witness. This album will feature a real mix of instrumentation but I best not give anything away.

I've received some demos from a couple of artists recently & I'm setting up sessions for another at the moment. Those ones are under wraps until things are finalized!

You also run Independent Records can you give us a bit of info on that?
Yeah, Independent Records was something I founded in 2012. The goal was to establish a platform for musicians to write & record music without compromising artistic merit in favor of accessibility. Two years on & I have two partners; Joe Bishop & David Craig. We run a studio together, the label has six artists & we've been flat out recording for the past few months. It's a really rewarding thing to be involved with.


You have recently released several songs on your Soundcloud, can you tell us about those?
Knock Em' Down was recorded a long time ago with Oli Wilson & Alex Vaatstra. It'd been sitting on one of five hard-drives for the best part of two years & had been overproduced to the point of no return. I stumbled upon an old session about two weeks ago with a bunch of vocals performed by Hana Fahy. We'd both forgotten what we'd recorded & so it was really exciting to go through the material and finish the track.

New God Beat was something I started with my cousin Scott who was visiting from London at the time. The name was never meant to stay but I thought 'New God Flow' by Kanye West was so self-proclaiming that I'd make a 'New God Beat' to match. The track speaks for itself, it's pretty over the top.

Finally, Her Majesty came from a vocal session I had with Meri Haami. She sung this really killer hook over some piano chords I had. I thought it sounded like a Hip-Hop take on a James Bond song so I wrote a bunch of horn parts, added some synth & built an 808 kit. It was always intended to be rapped over, it's calling for verses!

What/who inspires you?
My parents. They've lived fantastic lives & they've worked very hard to achieve the things they have. I've been offered so much support with everything I've wanted to achieve & I owe it to them to keep working toward my goals. Their patience, kindness & work ethic is truly inspiring.


Who are some Dunedin acts you would recommend going to see live?
The Independent Records artist roster of course! Really though, Paul Cathro & Alex V, Kahu, The Fu King, Biff Merchants, Ded Sparrows & Mountaineater.

What is the most amazing musical experience you’ve had?
It's funny, before yesterday I'd have had a different answer for this question. Two days ago, I was lucky enough to attend three really brilliant lectures with a UK record producer called Greg Haver. I invited him to come and visit the Independent Records Studio the next morning. I showed him the studio, the music we were producing and expressed my thoughts & frustrations toward developing a sustainable career within the music industry. We talked for an hour or so & he came back with some really positive feedback & words of advice. Between those three lectures & that conversation, every doubt I've ever had was laid to rest. It was totally awesome.

If you could invite 3 people into your recording studio who would they be?
Kanye West, Nigel Godrich & Rick Rubin.

Where do you see Greenslade headed in the future?
In an ideal world I'll be producing music for a living. Fingers crossed.


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