Kylie Price

by Insiders Dunedin

Name: Kylie Price

Occupation: Final year student at Otago Uni, Singer/songwriter, dreamer

Home: Dunedin, NZ

Can you describe your music? 
I guess for me I mix Country, Alt Country, Folk, and singer/songwriter feel, that would be me. 

Were you into music as a kid? 
I was the kid who used a tennis racket as a mic, and sung in my dads glasshouse next to the tomatoes with a broken ukelele. Music was always a big part of life even if I wasn't old enough to be aware of it. Growing up, I was always writing, whether I knew it was songwriting or not. 

How did you get into making and recording music?
I just recorded and released my debut Ep called Wanderer//Wonderer. It was produced and recorded in Sydney so I was very fortunate to have the means of doing it over in Australia. I've grown up in an age where people have been getting into making and recording music. I am surrounded by great musicians so making music I feel is more fun than work. And I hope to get into recording much more in the future.

How has Dunedin shaped you creatively?
Dunedin has given me the freedom to express my music in whatever way I wanted. Coming from the near bottom of the South Island, Country music is quite strong around this region. Many of my friends came from Country music scenes. And NZ has a strong singersongwriter vibe so I have also been able to express that side of me as well. Dunedin has a lot of history to it, and there's always somewhere new to explore and experience. So with this, it's a wonderful playground for creativity.

Can you tell us about where you are currently at with your music, what are some projects you’re working on?
Well as I said I've just finished my EP so that was a big challenge. The next projects are writing enough for an Album in the next year. Thats the big project within the foreseeable future. Plus finishing Uni. AND working on getting on some festivals slots over in Aus, which I'm already on a couple for this year.

What/who inspires you? 
Everything inspires me. Well I try to find inspiration in everything around me because the World is a fairly big place!. There isn't really ONE person who inspires me but I think a large number of beings that all give me something that gives me inspiration. Whether it's a story of their life or a situation they've been in, or just who they are as a person. Strangers are also awesome people to watch on the street (Stalker 101) or hearing their story. 

Amazing Musical Experience?
I would say two experiences come to mind. Singing the Australian National Anthem at the All Blacks vs Wallabies Bledisloe Cup Match last year in our stadium. That was a huge honor in itself. And singing alongside a friend of mine at the Australian Golden Guitar awards this year in Tamworth on stage. That was so amazing, singing in front of artists you look up to and listen to. And being on stage with a friend is always lovely.

Where do you see your music headed in the future?
I hope to be an established artist in the Country scene over in Australia. That is where I'm targeting my music. Making enough money so I don't need a day job! ha dreamer.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?
I have absolutely NO idea. Luckily I don't have to think about that. 

What’s your favourite place in Dunedin?
St Clair beach just down from my house. Tunnel Beach,  Modaks on a cold winters day, the Art Gallery and gigs at Luna Bar and Restaurant in Roslyn. Shot D town. 

Photography by: Georgie Daniell

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