Jon Thom Bloom

by Insiders Dunedin

Jon Thom’s show Bloom at the Artist’s Room Gallery on Dowling Street, showcased the artist’s latest series of portraits. Best known for his monochromatic charcoal portraits, Thom has explored a new medium; photography while freshening up his mixed media pieces by layering red and blue flower outlines over his distinctive portraits. 

The exhibition series of works features several stunning photographs of dying flowers sit next to his portraits of young women. The portraits have floral outlines tattooed across their surface. He touches on the idea of human beings mortality, shown by juxtaposing youthful faces next to flowers that are beginning to turn. 

A clear progression can be seen in this body of work, from utilising new a media to loosening up of Thom’s style. Carley Jones florist has supplied several beautiful floral arrangements that further contribute to the stunning overall effect of the show. 

Submitted by Joshua Jeffery. 


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