A Bird In The Bush

by Insiders Dunedin

Wildlife photographers have a few tricks up their collective sleeves – such as luring birds to their lens by putting out food, or playing their calls back to them. One method that doesn't require any kind of artificial intervention is simply to find a spot where the action is happening, and stake it out.

The spot I sussed out was an early-flowering prostrate kowhai bush in the Upper Garden in the Dunedin Botanic Garden. By mid-July this year, it was a mass of yellow flowers, and bellbirds, tui and silvereyes were all feasting on its nectar. All I had to do was stand around and wait my chance. 

It wasn't all plain sailing, though, as the masses of flowers and twigs made for messy backgrounds and the bright yellow blooms tended to 'burn out' on the camera's sensor even in moderate light.

For more of my wildlife photographs, see http://500px.com/psorrell.

Post submitted by Paul Sorrell

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